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Supporting your organisation!

Blueteq provides a comprehensive range of services to support their clients through the life time of the system.  Blueteq's staff is well known for delivering excellent quality of service and for going the extra mile to ensure:
  • The system is designed to exactly meet your needs
  • Delivers the benefits that you anticipated
  • Provides continuous and smooth system access
  • Develops to meet changing demands in the future

Secure applications on demand

Blueteq’s after care support and maintenance services cover all aspects of the system ensuring business continuity. Our web based applications are within highly secure locations used by banks, government and other “blue chip” companies. This enables us to offer high speed access and a resilient environment to ensure that data is truly secure and your system is available on demand. The service is robust and reliable and over the last 6 months our servers achieved 99.97% availability 24/7 and 100% during business hours in the last 6 months, far better than most internally hosted systems generally manage. Our servers are monitored every 3 minutes 24/7 so if there is any problem we will know about it before you do. Our support desk is available during your business hours plus there is an out of hour’s service for emergencies.

Complete helpdesk support

Support to our users is available by telephone and e-mail. Each client is provided with a unique e-mail address to use when sending any support queries via e-mail. This ensures that the query is sent to the most appropriate resource within the support team and enhances response times.
  • All support queries are logged on our system and allocated a ticket number.
  • The system will confirm receipt of your support query and ticket number.
  • Each client is provided with access to the support system for their support log.
  • The client has complete visibility of all support queries and can monitor their progress and current status.

Dependable systems and support

Blueteq offers a managed service to remove the problem of day-to-day system administration and management. We can administer your Blueteq solution such that you do not have to worry about overnight backups, system tuning or upgrades minimising your resources for deployment, on-going use and maintenance.

After sales customer care

In addition to this support procedure, we are in contact with you regularly to make certain that your systems are running efficiently and to see if there is anything that we can do to further assist you or enhance the system.

Infrastructure and Internet Services

Further services are available to enable organisations to outsource much of their IT operation, enabling them to focus on their core business. These services range from infrastructure, such as exchange and e-mail server installation and support, server maintenance, data recovery and security, through development and maintenance of your web presence & site design.

Implementation services and process

As part of the implementation process, the system will be tailored to meet your requirements, to ensure it supports the desired process and has the flexibility to meet future needs. Examples of this could include the creation of any standard letters, determining the statuses required to support the processes as well as determining the reporting needs.

  • The first step is to meet with the relevant members of the organisiation to confirm the processes used. 
  •  We would also determine the lists or data that are required to populate the system. 
  •  Review the quality of any existing data to determine the work and timescales that will be required to ready it for import. 
  •  Determine the reporting requirements to boards, finance department, contracting, etc. 
  • Determine the “go-live” date for the system typically this is approximately 6 weeks after this meeting. 
  •  Present the system for review at a second meeting to confirm and agree the tailoring and configuration meets the requirements from the initial implementation meeting.
  •  Agree any additional changes, confirm the go-live date and agree training requirements and dates. 
  •  Deploy system at the data centres and make it available to the organisation

When moving to a system of this nature organisations will often examine their process and try to improve them. After going live with the system, Blueteq provides a period of 60 days intensive support via phone, email and visit where changes can be requested and will be actioned as soon as possible. We also identify the “gaps” in the imported data using specialised reporting.

Blueteq Delivers
  • Results on demand -any time from anywhere
  • Improved efficiences and processes
  • Management and control of budgets
  • Proven return on investment
  • personalised solutions and support
  • No costly intial licence fees and maintenance charges