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Support / FAQ
Complete helpdesk support
Support to our users is available by telephone and e-mail. Each client is provided with a unique e-mail address to use when sending any support queries via e-mail. This ensures that the query is sent to the most appropriate resource within the support team and enhances response times.

  • All support queiries are logged on our system and allocated a ticket number.
  • The system will confirm receipt of your support query and ticket number.
  • Each client is provided with access to the support system for their support log.
  • The client has complete visibility of all support queries and can monitor their progress and current status


Annual service level agreement
Blueteq provides the client with a Service Level Agreement that covers the hosting, support and licensing required to use the system on an ongoing basis for an annual fee. 

The system is web based and to ensure the security and resilience required, Blueteq hosts the application and database server in two specialist data centres with full daily back up. This approach provides full security for both the application and your data and disaster recovery, beyond the standards of security and reliability required by the NHS and most other organisations.

Support to our users is available by telephone and e-mail with each client having a unique e-mail address available to them. Any support call is logged on our system and each user has complete visibility of any of their support queries and its current status.

In addition to this support procedure, we are in contact with you regularly to make certain that your systems are running efficiently and to see if there is anything that we can do to further assist you or enhance the system.

One of the key reasons access and viewing issues is the possibility that browser is not in compatibility view. following is a guide on how to activate compatibility view. 

  1. Open Internet Explorer with the Log in page displayed but do not log in.
  2. Press the Alt Key on your keyboard.
  3. A menu will appear.
  4. Click on Tools and Compatibility View
  5.  Make sure that Compatibility View is ticked.
  6. Login to the system
  7. Your browser should remember this the next time you wish to use the system. 
Clearing the Browser Cache in Internet Explorer Sometimes browsers “cache” or “store” pages which is not desirable when using a web based system. To stop this happening please do the following:-
  • Hit the ALT key.
  • A menu will appear, Click on Tools.
  • Click on the Internet Options menu option if the General Tab is not the chosen tab you should select it then click on the “Settings….” button under the “Temporary Internet files” title Ensure the radio button Every times I visit the webpage is the selected button under the Temporary Internet Files title Click OK to close the various windows.
The systems are built and optimised to work in Internet Explorer 7 and above
It is helpful for the development team to know what version of Internet explorer when diagnosing an issue. To locate the information on your version of Internet Explorer
  • With the browser open press the Alt key this will display menu options underneath the address bar.
  • Click on the Help menu option and then when in its drop down menu click About Internet Explorer.
  • A box will appear displaying the version of Internet Explorer that you are using

When contacting the development team by email via your unique support address it would be helpful if you could provide the following: 

  • Describe the issue in as much detail as you can. 
  • Please inform us of the system or trust that you are connected or trying to connect to (if you are unsure: copy the address of the website that you are logged into. 
  • The Blueteq I.D number of the patient that you are currently viewing if required. 
  • The operating system and the browser version that you are using.

 For Information Governance issues please do not email the team patient identifiable data.