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Blueteq established as the system for High Cost Drugs Management Process in NHS England's Commissioning Intentions 2016/2017!

Blueteq established as the system for High Cost Drugs Management Process in NHS England's Commissioning Intentions 2016/2017!

Blueteq Ltd is mentioned repeatedly in the 2016/2017 Prescribed Specialised Services Commissioning Intentions

A lot of hard work by the NHS England PSS teams nationally has seen the Blueteq High Cost Drugs system implemented successfully in over 100 Hospital Trusts with more being addedall of the time. This is now reflected in the 2016/17 Commissioning Intententions document where Blueteq is mentioned four times:-

6.4 Reducing Unnecessary Variation

We will work with providers to identify opportunities to reduce avoidable variation in performance across services through service redesign and transformation. Our engagement plans include:
 Reducing variation in cost and activity associated with high cost devices and procedures, including complex cardiology devices and procedures.
 Ensuring the delivery of radiotherapy for patients with prostate cancer is in line with the very latest published evidence.  Dose standardisation in chemotherapy.
 Implementing best practice across the spinal surgery pathway  Critical Care improvements.
 Extending the use of support systems and technologies such as Clinical Utilisation Review and Blueteq.
 Delivering best value prices for the NHS for drugs and devices.

7.2 Contracting for Excluded Drugs and Devices

Excluded drugs and devices represent around a quarter of acute spend on specialised care. NHS England is continuing with the measures introduced in recent years to help ensure that providers and commissioners can jointly deliver best value:
 Payments for high cost drugs and devices excluded from National Tariff should, if approved, be made on the basis of a pass through of the actual price charged to providers, (prior to consideration of any contract level risk sharing mechanisms). 
 Auditable information to validate payment of excluded drugs and devices will be required, in line with the NHS Standard Contract. Correspondingly, providers must not enter into confidentially agreements with suppliers that would prevent disclosure to commissioners as such agreements are in breach of the NHS standard contract. Providers should give notice to drug and device suppliers of amendments to any such legacy agreements to ensure they are able to fully meet the disclosure requirements to NHS England.  A central repository of prices for excluded drugs will be further developed to provide robust data for effective procurement; Providers will be mandated to provide Pharmex data. The online clinical decision support tool (Blueteq) was implemented in 2015/16 as NHS England’s standard electronic contractual prior approval system, covering a range of high cost drugs excluded from tariff. In 2016/17, the scope of items covered will be extended to all high cost drugs excluded from tariff where NHS England Clinical Commissioning Policies or NICE TAs exist and / or where there is variation in uptake, or significant financial risk. Implementation of changes will be required within the 28 days’ notice period set out in the Standard NHS Contract. Extensions to selected excluded devices and high cost procedures are being currently piloted for rollout during 2016/17. To reduce administrative workload we expect that in 2016/17, paper based approvals used in some areas will be phased out and the use of the online clinical decision support tool will be required by all providers of the identified devices and procedures. Training and support will be available.

9 Building on our 2015/16 commissioning intentions

We said we would roll out Blueteq to support usage decisions on excluded drugs and devices.  We rolled out Blueteq to over 90 acute providers as our required electronic contractual prior approval system. This will continued into 2016/17 and the range of drugs and devices covered will be extended.

Please read the full document - Prescribed Specialised Services Commissioning Intentions 2016/2017

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