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Latest News
Latest News

The London Cancer Drug Fund Team Go Live with Blueteq!

The London Cancer Drug Fund Team Go Live with Blueteq!

Blueteq are pleased to announce that the London Cancer Drug Fund Team went live with their Blueteq High Cost Drugs system on the 1st January 2015. There has been an enthusiastic take up by the London Trusts and cancer patients are now benefiting from instant approvals being given to expensive drug treatments without delays. Their consultant completes a simple form and if the criteria is met the system issues an instant approval response and the clincian can start treating the patient right away.

Behind the scenes, the CDF team can keep an eye on the drug requests using powerful reporting tools. These tools also are capable of producing the complex reports required by the NHS England central team to determine the overall usage and spend.

The drugs and criteria are constantly being updated but Blueteq ensures that the correct forms are always presented to the clinician after he has simply specified the drug he wishes to prescribe.

IFR forms - If the drug required is not covered by the Cancer Drug Fund, the clinician can apply for funding for the treatment using the Individual Funding Request form. Once the form has been submitted onto the system, the CDF team are alerted to the form requiring action. The form, with any additional evidence, is presented to the IFR panel for a judgement to be made. The outcome of the panel is entered onto the system and the clinician can see this in the patient's record as soon as it is entered along with any comments.

We continue to work with the Midlands & East and South CDF teams as well, bringing improvements and sharing good ideas across all. 

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