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Latest News
Latest News

The First "Extended" Trust System Goes Live!

The First

Blueteq is proud to announce Frimley Health NHS Trust went live seamlessly with the Extended Trust System on the 3rd February 2015. In development for over a year, it gives Frimley a raft of features not present in the Standard Trust System including:

  • Form Creation - The ability to create a internal set of tick box forms to manage selected drug/condition combinations not covered under PBRE that the Trust would like to put controls on.
  • Out of Area Requests - the Trust can record PBRE requests for CCGs that are not covered under Blueteq.
  • Customised Reporting - the comprehensive search engine is included that allows the Trust to report on all aspects of their drug requests, no matter who commissioned it. 
  • Invoice Checking - it includes the ability to check invoices before sending them to the commissioner, thus minimising the chances of the invoice being challenged.
  • Future Development - the Trust may wish to incorporate areas such as Homecare into their drug request process which is now possible.

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