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Latest News

Our Brand New Case Management System Goes Live!

Our Brand New Case Management System Goes Live!

Bath & North East Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, a customer already using our Individual Funding Request system, with an idea that they would like to commission us to write a system for them to cover a range of the services that they have to provide. Their predicament was that all of these services, such as Complaints, PALS, FOI, Untoward Incidents, and Continuing Health Care, need a system to replace the spreadsheets to give the extra benefits needed such as:

  • Enter the case with all of the appropriate fields for each service
  • Record the status of a case with the abilty to set reviews and deadlines.
  • Include the details of the patients, staff, and third parties involved with the case.
  • Provide a monitor of deadlines so that things do not get missed.
  • Customised Reporting - a search engine with flexibility
  • Back up and Audit Trail - to ensure that no data is lost

However, they could not justify buying a separate system for each service. They approached us asking if we could help with providing a system that could cover multiple services. We coudl see the need for such a system and gladly accepted the challenge!

6 months later in November 2014, the system was delivered and BANES CCG leapt into action. To say that the system has been hammered is no understatement. The CCG now has 5 services running on the system: Complaints, Untoward Incidents, CHC, MP Letters, and PALS. They are extremely pleased with the support that they get from Blueteq.

If you would be interested please contact us for further details and a demo.

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